New Technology

Decision Resources Group Launches Dedicated Data Science Team to Offer Custom Analytic Services and Workflow Tools

April 22, 2014—Burlington, Mass. — Decision Resources Group announced today that, consistent with its long history of providing life science insight and analysis, it will be formalizing its offering of Analytics-as-a-Service to its pharmaceutical, medical device, managed care and other healthcare industry clients. The recent acquisition of Relay Technology Management and the consolidation of historic […]

KMWorld: Optimizing the Value of Data in Life Sciences

KMWorld: Optimizing the Value of Data in Life Sciences Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies and their partners are turning to knowledge management solutions to provide competitive intelligence, trace accounts payables and invoices, deliver critical information and confirm the effectiveness of drug treatments. (Continue reading.)

Alnylam, MIT Team up for ‘Binary’ Approach to Delivering siRNA

By Howard Lovy Gene-silencing siRNA technology has failed to live up to its original hype largely because of problems delivering short interfering RNA to the precise spot where it’s needed. Alnylam Pharmaceuticals ($ALNY), a Cambridge, MA company focused on RNAi-based therapeutics, together with partners at MIT, think they’ve found a solution. A release says they […]

IBM Cloud Aids Fight Against Superbugs

By Ryan McBride Big Blue’s cloud has helped Swiss scientists in their hunt for clues about how certain bacteria form resistance against antibiotics and cause disease. It’s perhaps the latest case where the tech giant ($IBM) has been aiding life sciences concerns in managing and analyzing biological or clinical data in the cloud. For this […]

Third Rock Launches New Rare-Disease Biotech with $26M Round

By John Carroll Third Rock Ventures is taking $26 million out of its latest fund to bankroll another upstart biotech. In joint announcements rolled out bright and early today the venture group took the wraps off of Lotus Tissue Repair and announced an in-licensing deal for protein replacement technology that will initially target an ultra-rare […]

Sanofi Puts “Open Innovation” Game Plan to Work on Hearing Loss

By John Carroll Anyone looking for an example of how drug development partnerships work now at Sanofi should check out the new development pact it inked with Audion Therapeutics. Its unit charged with finding new drugs to combat the effects of aging will collaborate with Audion on discovering small molecules to treat hearing loss through […]

NIH Fast Tracks $720M for New Drug Discovery Center

By John Carroll NIH chief Francis Collins made waves in the research community with his ambitious plans to build a new center designed to speed up the high-risk business of chaperoning new drugs out of the lab and toward advanced clinical trials. By NIH standards, Collins was moving at light-speed by projecting a launch date […]

Biotech Drug Approvals in the U.S. Nearly Doubled in the Last Decade, According to Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development

BOSTON – May 10, 2011 – U.S. regulatory approvals for new biopharmaceuticals nearly doubled in the last decade, compared to the 1990s, according to the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development, but drug developers “face substantial challenges” if they are to maintain that pace, the study’s author says. During the 2000-09 period, 65 […]

Pfizer Unveils $100M Boston Effort to Spark R&D Innovation

By John Carroll Pfizer’s quest to find a more productive way to discover and advance important new treatments is taking the pharma giant on a journey back to college in Boston. With some of Pfizer’s R&D luminaries joining hands with top politicians, the company announced a $100 million, five-year plan to establish a new Center […]

Merck CEO Frazier Stands by his $8B R&D Gamble

By John Carroll Just after Pfizer wowed Wall Street with its promise to slash billions in R&D costs–while hinting at plans tospin off its non-pharma businesses–Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier (photo) caused something of a letdown as he promised to keep the pedal to the metal on its $8 billion-plus R&D budget for the year. And […]