The Relay Relative Value Index (RVI) offers the relative value of life sciences assets at a point in time or over specific time spans. RVI creates a historical benchmark, allowing the objective comparison of life sciences assets to each other.

The Relay RVI of an asset, researcher, or target is correlated with the likelihood of a transactional, value creation event such as M&A, licensing, investment, advancement of stage, etc.. Other factors, which influence RVI, include, but are not limited to, competitive environment, scientific evidence, research trends, investment, proof of mechanism, research investment, FDA trends, and transactional trends, among others.

The Relay RVI is deliberately insulated from popular opinion (e.g., a clinical failure in a given mechanism may have a negative effect initially, but the negative effect will subside over time while additional evidence builds up).

The Relay RVI offers clients the ability to compare relative value between assets at a given time. Value creation for a pharmaceutical asset is highly dependent on the stage of development (both clinical phase, and experimental stage), thus more advanced assets are more likely to have a higher Relay RVI.

For Biopharma Professionals, Relay RVI:

  • Provides a decision-support tool when making licensing and acquisition go/no-go decisions
  • Benchmarks assets to determine consensus value of assets
  • Compares historic trends for assets