Relay TM has developed the Relay Innovation Engine - a unified, real-time trend analytics and asset valuation platform for the life sciences industry. The platform is offered as a Software-as-a-Service subscription service (Learn more.)

Comprehensive, real-time life sciences industry data aggregation:

The Relay Innovation Engine aggregates data from a comprehensive list of life science sources, generating 25 million data points and growing – representing a combination of scientific and business literature, technology transfer information, and clinical trial data. The platform harvests these data sources for daily updates and latest industry developments.

Unified life sciences data analysis and trend and asset valuation:

The Relay Innovation Engine offers real-time analytics and customizable dashboards on drug profiles and targets, as well as researchers and institutions based on their relative value within a specific therapeutic area. This enables life sciences professionals to rapidly compare related categories, such as drugs entities and researchers.

Use BD Live!, powered by the Relay Innovation Engine for:

Relay Consulting is used for custom projects including: