RelayTM is a website that provides various information, both about RelayTM. Starting from an idea to provide information on public spaces that are located on the spot, our website is finally able to broadcast more widely through the internet.

Along with the development of technology, we try to innovate in providing information related to public space. One form of innovation is to provide a variety of our information through the internet, this is one form of our service to you.

RelayTM was founded by a youth association that collected all the information and collected it. Established since 2012. The existence of this website is expected to make it easier for you to get various quality information but easy to use.

In providing services, we always try to give the best offerings to anyone. In addition, we always uphold good ethical values, such as honesty, accuracy, and professionalism in providing information. Hopefully our website can provide many benefits for you.

That’s it for this introduction. Hopefully this introduction can inspire and benefit you.

Best regards and wish you every success.
Motivating Youth.